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The pursue of ProLegis objectives as outlined requires high level of expertise not only in the domain of personal data protection but in the field of public administration and local governance as well. Hence, in order to provide target groups with the needed skills and knowledge, ProLegis structure is logical and coherent. Therefore: 

1ProLegis adheres to the following algorithm in order to achieve its objectives

2survey on the administrative services offered to citizen by local public authorities in the EU;

3elaborate profound and expert training materials;

4develop a training methodology customised to target groups’ activities and background;

5elaborate interactive and dynamic presentations on the training materials modules and demonstrate them before the consortium expertise in an effective ToT;

6as alternative and complementary source for training develop and launch e-Learning platform to enable target groups to self-educate autonomously irrespective of their individual schedule and location;

7perform national workshops to transfer knowledge to the identified target groups;

8ensure wide visibility of project outputs.

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