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As a result of ProLegis implementation, the overall preparedness for GPDR’s provisions’ application will be ensured on a local level. By attending the national workshops and/ or completion of the e-Learning modules, the experts engaged in local public authorities will acquire new skills and obtain profound knowledge on the rules for personal data protection, introduced via the Data Protection Reform. Therefore, ProLegis target groups will strengthen positions in their communities and build a relationship of mutual trust with the citizens. On the other hand, EU citizens will have the confidence that their personal data is threated with the necessary care and respect.

To answer the priorities outlined in REC-RDAT-TRAI-AG-2016 Call for Proposals, the project envisages the elaboration of training materials, aimed at both public authorities’ employees and DPOs. Moreover, the elaborated training materials will not be exclusively provided only during scheduled project events, but will be available on the project website. The current proposal envisaged also the development of an e-Learning platform, which will be maintained event after the project end. Hence, target groups who have not directly benefited during the lifecycle of the project, will have the opportunity to do so. The e-Learning platform content will be aimed at target groups outside ProLegis partner MS as well to reach target groups in a comprehensive manner. Therefore, ProLegis will educate and train local public authorities’ representatives on a large pan-European scale.

Furthermore, it should be noted that some of ProLegis activities are directed towards trainers as well. After participating in the international ToT workshop and utilising peer-to-peer learning approach, they will be enabled to further the project results and conduct workshops / seminars/ trainings on their own, outside the framework of the project. Additionally, ProLegis trainers will be encouraged to synergise with national and international organisations committed to providing continues learning and further training to public sector’s employees.

ProLegis outcomes will achieve both immediate direct and indirect results. The project results will definitely support the effective implementation and application of the Data Protection Reform. In addition, the selected ProLegis target groups will be empowered to perform monitoring on how the new rules are observed and put into action in their work environment and correct any deviations. Ultimately, this overall improvement of the target groups’ skills and knowledge will contribute to the consistent and coherent implementation of the Data Protection Reform.

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