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The ProLegis consortium assembles 6 partners from 6 different MS, which complement one another with diverse expertise - legal research, data protection, privacy, public administration and studies. The partnership brings together various types of organisations – universities, research centres, small enterprise and municipality association. LIF, as a coordinator, invited all partners on the basis of their proven expertise and capacity in the field. Uniting their strong networks, partners ensure broad the participation of target groups the planned ProLegis activities.

  LIF is certified with Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013. LIF has implemented successfully more than 90 national and international projects funded by different programs. LIF‘s team is comprised of ones of the most experienced and renowned Bulgarian data protection experts. The qualified team will ensure smooth and high quality implementation of ProLegis activities.
    VICESSE is a private non-profit research organisation, focussing on the analysis of a wide array of security issues in a broader societal context. With its multidisciplinary team encompassing experienced researchers and privacy and data protection experts, VICESSE will contribute to the quality of the projects activities and outcomes.
    LALRG is an organisation associating Latvian local governments. Advocating for local public authorities’ interests, LALRG joins the consortium with the aspirations to foster the application of the new GDPR regulations by local public authorities. Through the wide network of local authorities maintained by LALRG, the latter will add value to the project activities and will contribute to the elaboration of an effective approach towards addressing these entities.
    SMA excels in developing a broad range of innovative solutions and services using state-of-the art technology. Being constantly focuses on building innovative applications and aware of the good practices in relevant technological domains, SMA will be engaged in the creation of the e-Learning platform in order to assure the best and sustainable product for ProLegis.
    SNSPA with its Faculty of Public Administration will support the project activities as one of the most relevant research centres on Governance studies in South-East Europe. The Faculty hosts top experts in European studies, political science and public administration and provides continuous support and policies advise to regional actors, including those from the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe (CIS countries).

UNIBA steps into the ProLegis consortium with its Faculty of Arts, which is recognised as one of the most important teaching and research institutions in Slovakia. Its experts possess great research capacity and project experience.

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